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ATTUNING | Telephone exhibition

Experimental Video Project

This video was originally created for Telephone, a worldwide online exhibition.

How does “Telephone” works

To each artist taking part in this “game” is assigned one or multiple artworks from another participant artist around the world. The person receiving the work won’t know what artwork they have been assigned until the moment they receive it and they won’t know which artist will come after them.
Just like in the game of “telephone” each artwork faithfully attempts to translate and transmit the message that has been passed to them though art.

The location

Since I received the assignment during a time of lockdown in England, I decided to employ the space I lived in as the main location of the work.

Analysis and process of creation

I was assigned two paintings, one of a bottle and an abstract composition. First, I tried to analyse the works and to investigate what common qualities they presented, focusing more on the feelings and sensations I perceived looking at them. While the first one conveyed a sense of loneliness and stillness, the second one seemed all about the movement and confusion of the lines. Looking deeper into the paintings I started perceiving a sort of weird energy coming from the bottle, due to the lighting of the image, and I noticed that the abstract one was putting a lot a lot attention on the negative spaces in between the lines and also it was painted on something that seemed an armchair cover. These new elements made me realise how both works presented elements of “see through”, confusion or blurred sense of the image and a private, home-like quality. While I was writing these things down, I started highlighting the common features to then apply them to my short film. I decided to set the location in a private space, comfortable but unusual at the same time. I also wanted to keep a weird energy through the whole piece, and to play with the space, the negative space and the see-through quality showed in the two works. I wanted to create something that would feel normal, confident, but somehow off and confusing, movement within the stillness.

The Video

Besides the inspiration provided from telephone artists, I still wanted to create a piece that could reflect my current exploration of the performative presence of the tree. Since at the time I filmed the video I still had the sculptural element of the tree in my living room , I exploited this project to explore the type of relationship and interaction that I could develop with this new habitant of the room. The final outcome ,in fact is not just a response to other artworks but it also attempts to transmit a sense of communion between the various elements.


To attune: to make receptive or aware; accustom or acclimatize; make harmonious.
The short film investigates the performative presence of the tree, first perceived as the “other” and then slowly melting within the quotidian landscape of the room.
It explores a new level of engagement between humans and the botanic elements in the domestic environment: a mutual discovery and listening. It uncovers a willingness of connection and dialogue, that seeks a deeper relationship with the natural world.
Being plants usually perceived as decorative tools that can be manipulated and displayed according to our taste, the work tries to expose a different line of communication that exist beyond language; a dimension of interconnectedness experienced with all the senses that promotes a vision of plants as sentient beings.
Alongside the visual dialogue among all the elements, ought to reveal a limitless and united vision of our reality, there is a corresponding conversation happening on a sonic level, where the sounds of the tree meet the artificial ones of the human world, merging into a sequence of different yet connected soundscapes.
At the end everything becomes a whole, an harmonious flow of parts, each one aware of the others, each one attuned to the rest.