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Bargehouse Show | Less is More ( blackberries )

Group exhibition ” Inertia for superior souls “in London, OXO Tower

Description of the work  

The artwork reflects on the ideas of miscommunication and failure in communication, more specifically it explores how these concepts can integrate and feed an echo chamber environment. The piece also focuses on the struggle and the distortion that arise as a consequence of the lack of knowledge and the absence of a key of understanding.
The work indirectly addresses further issues too, touching themes such as language and people’s reactions to the nonsense. Researches and theories that may be relevant to its full comprehension include Bowlby’s “Attachment Theory”, for what concerns the study of a pattern of reactions that the individual experiences facing the uncomfortable, and the “Language Games Theory” by L. Wittgenstein, with particular attention to the idea of the existence of a common system of rules among games, art and language, that has to be followed In order for these to make sense.
The installation intends to create a unique code of understanding, whose key is not accessible to the public. Its purpose is, in fact, to create a sort of path towards the realization that it is not essential to comprehend a piece of art in order to be able to appreciate It.


Since I knew that this piece was going to be shown in London, I wanted it to be a sort of summary of the work I have been doing this year. I took and re-edited old material to then mix it with new one in order to create a video and sound piece which would summarize all the definitions collected on what is communication.

The aim of the video was to visually represent each of this definitions so that each segment of the video would convey the same message but somehow fail in this because the spectator would not have the key of understanding.

I built the video in segments of 8 seconds each, which is the average time spent in front of an artwork, so that, if people would only dedicate to it 8 seconds, they would still potentially be able to understand its point.

The audio, instead, would have either correspond to the visual or detach from them depending on the segment.

The installation

Due to the short available time, resources, tools and space the installation of the piece has been a nightmare, in fact it does not look at all what is was supposed to be. Stated so, i am not going to explain what did not work but I’ll try to focus on the positive aspects of it.

I received a lot of positive feedback and compliments, people were interacting with the projections and even if they probably did not watch it all, they would come to me to talk about it.

I think the most successful part of the work at the end was not its conceptual strength, which did not completely work with the final aesthetic outcome, but the creation of this visual experience for the spectators.