Learning and exploring with Blender

As an attempt to provide people with an immersive experience of my work, even if not physical, I started experimenting the possibilities offered by the digital space, where everything becomes possible and large scale installation can be visualised.

As a Blender beginner it took me a long time to reach a result that could in part resemble my idea of what the work should have been like, but in the process of learning I have developed new skills and improved my understanding of 3D Modeling.

The project

The idea behind this project was to create an accessible version of my previous sound installation ” Encounters with Nature” for all the people that were not able to experience it in real life. Furthermore, since nowadays the work is primarily experienced online, I didn’t want it just to be a video documentation of the installation, but an actual space that the viewers could explore in autonomy, as if they were walking through it.

The location reproduced is still Farnham Park, only this time I tried to visualise it in the ideal place I originally picked in case I would have done this piece on a larger scale.

Starting from the creation of every single part to then bring them all together, this process of creation has brought me to think more about every element involved in the creation of an installation, even in a non-physical space.
The images presented here are far from the experience I intended to provide, but because of the lack of proper technical equipment I could not create a fully immersive digital work.
It is my intention, for the future, to export a video presentation of this piece, and to provide people with the 3D digital space, so that they can navigate it freely, maybe even in VR Mode. Ideally I would have want this work to be interactive, so that the people experiencing it would have gained even a small glimpse of what the actual work would have been. On the other side, I do not think I truly want to provide people with the exact reproduction of this installation, since the work is about the unique experience of it and shouldn’t be reduced to a template available to everyone in their homes. I think for the moment I will leave this project as it is; after all, my final goal is not provide people with a final VR experience but to actually physically create this installation on a large scale. and have people walking through it in nature.