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Christmas Survival & Intervention

Quick series of work in response to Christmas break

For this context we were asked to make a series of quick interventions / films / sculptures / photographs / drawings over Christmas break, aimed at keeping the work going outside the conventional studio space too.

It was a quick approach and a quick way to work with what I had. I chose to make this piece in response to all those cheap, quick conversations that happen around this time of the year.

I wanted to find a way to visually represent these cheap interactions, and for that I needed a cheap material which I identify in toilet paper.
I then started timing all those short conversations and wrote them down into a list.
Thinking about how to show the passing of time on toilet paper, I thought about the work of Tomislav Topić & Thomas Granseuer (Quintessenz), a multidisciplinary artist duo that use to let dies rise up into paper in order to colour it. I thought I could dip the toilet paper into some liquid for the amount of time of each conversation and then display them all together as descriptive documents of the interactions.
For the choice of the liquid I used coffee, since the time of a quick conversation in Italy is usually the time for a coffee shot.

The choice of these material is conceptually relevant to the piece, since it symbolises the quality of the interactions, but maybe was not the best for showing the timing accurately.

Once I brought the series to the UK I then displayed on a wall, as if they were creating a sort of time line or graphic sound wave and then I wrote underneath each of the sheets the correspondent time.

I also rearranged them later by person and overlapped multiple conversations with the same individual to show the difference of timing.