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First summer work, a visual documentary.

Reflecting on where is my work at and where i want to go with it, I started exploring a new element within it: my performative presence.

Driven by my interest in communication, especially among human and non-human systems, I started to personally explore the connection that lies at the basis of our relationship with the natural world in a sort of meditative performance that progressed through the summer.
By putting myself in a condition of pure listening, I wanted to experience a level of exchange and communication that went beyond language, which often operates as a limit, an obstacle set by our minds.
The video acts as a documentary piece aimed at the description of the relationships which occurred among me and each one of the presented trees. Since the aim of my performance was to experience a reconnection and establish a line of communication with the natural realm beyond language, I decided to avoid any kind of written description and to present the new-discovered connectedness through this sort of visual documentary.


Since this project developed within the Covid-19 restrictions in my Italian hometown, Seveso, the choice of the locations had been one of the most relevant issues. The meditative process, in fact, started in contemporary with the reopening of parks after lockdown. In a way the piece responded to a necessity to go back outside and reconnect with the local green areas too.

Although we were allowed to go outside, we could only be in our town, so I started researching all the parks and green areas I had access to and in each of them I then chose a tree to connect with.

The process

The process of listening went on throughout the summer; I went back to each tree more than once, in order to really get to know them.
Once I felt I was establishing a good connection, I started documenting some sessions.

At first I would sort of greet each tree, introducing myself by putting my palms on their trunks and breathing with them. Once I could feel the energy flowing in and out I would sit at their basis, barefoot, and connect my whole spine, palms, and feet to them.

I learnt to not expect anything to happen and just to be present in the moment. Sometimes it was harder to find a connection due to the many distraction present in the surrounding environment, such as insects, people and dogs passing by or loud noises in general, but other times I would just get lost in the meditative state and deeply listened to them.

The visual documentation

In order to present my researches and experiences of connectedness, I decided to create a visual piece, a documentary video. Unlike most documentaries, I wanted mine to avoid language as we know it, because the point of the performances was to create a communication that went beyond language and I thought I would have been reductive to then describe them by speech. Instead, I recorded more footage, in attempt to visualize the limitless connection experienced and the peculiarities of each tree, and I then mixed it with the recordings of each session so that to create a visual outcome that could express the uniqueness of each tree.