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III Context: Retake Remake

This is the second video piece and final work that i presented in the Crit Show as a result of Retake Remake.

Since my work has been a lot about the translation of sound and emotions into visual, i wanted to keep this element for the video piece.
After I gained all the responses about what is communication from content I, I decided to use them as directions to create a video piece about them.
I transcribed all the answers given to the question “what is communication?”, group them for similarities and then I thought about a visual representation for each of them.

This video is the correspondent visual collection of all the main answers collected previously, and in addition to others’s descriptions, I added my personal point of view about it.

From start to end

The aim of the piece was to create a sensation of disorientation and misunderstanding of the work; in other words, since the work itself is about miscommunication, I wanted it to be its effect on people as well.
The idea was to convey this through literal or metaphorical visual representations of the transcriptions, which would have not been accessible to the audience.
I wanted the final video to result nonsense without a key of understanding, which would have been the text.

My initial idea was to create a multi screen installation so that the different visual definitions of what communication is, would have been separated and gain a sort of independence from the rest of the video. I was especially inspired by a multi channel video and sound installation ( /\/\/\ /\/\/\ )seen at Haroon Mirza solo show “Waves and Forms” in Southampton.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of equipment provided by the course, I could not present the way I wanted, so I incorporated this sense of fragmentation and interaction among different footage in a one screen video.
Regardless all the issues that came up during the filming and editing of this work, concerning workshops and equipment, I decided to show it at the crit Show because I needed to have feedback on it and understand if it works or not.

At the end I did not even have a large screen to display it on so I had to show it projected on a wall and unfortunately I could not attend all the days of the show because I was ill, but for what I had the chance to hear, there are more positive comments than negative.
I know it may sound weird but I am especially happy that no one really understood what it is about.

Things that need improvement on future work would be to pay more attention on how to present a projection, on what surface, how to transform it into an immersive experience.