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Context II: Retake Remake

After the creation of the first context for retake Remake I decided to push my work in two different directions: I would have explored the possibilities of the sound in my second context, while for the third one i would have worked on the video.

The sound piece

Whit this piece I wanted to push the sound collected from the recordings of the previous context and see how I could manipulate it and edit it in a way that would have allowed me to create a sound piece able to successfully address the same issues regarding miscommunication I had been exploring with the first content.

Particularly I wanted to address issues of miscommunication within the echo chamber phenomena, intended as an environment in which a person encounters only beliefs and opinions that supposedly coincide with their own. In this systems our interests are elaborated by an algorithm that determines what is relevant to us so that our “conversation” with the media is somehow corresponded. Many times however this system fails in determining our interests, since we are not engaged in an active conversation with it, therefore the communication between the two parties fails to happen and we find ourselves bombarded with all sorts of suggestions and advertisements that do not concern us at all. Consequently we live in an environment where we are constantly confronting things that fail in corresponding our interests, in initiating a conversation, as if instead of words we would only hear noises that we cannot make sense of.

This idea of echo chamber initially appealed to me also because of its connection with the literal meaning of the term. As a matter of fact, an echo chamber is also a physical space, an enclosed place where sound reverberates (echoes).

My idea was to take the audio from the first content and play it through multiple speakers in different locations to see how it would interact with the space and its reverberations.
After a few researches about accessible sites, I found out an underground place that would have been perfect for my experimentation and creation of my final piece: an underground reservoir in upper Hale, Aldershot.

Unfortunately after days of searching of the place I gave up on it because I could not find it, and still do not really know where exactly this place is, so I started working on a back up plan.

The installation

The final installation I came up with was composed of a new reedited version of the recordings from context I, that was going to be played at different times in an empty dark room in order to artificially create that sort of echo that I was looking for to record in the underground reservoir.

Sound for underground communication

Since I did not know if I would have had a room where to present this, I also made a version that works with headphones so that if my installation could have not been possible I would have made the public wear headphones .