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IX Project: Introducing Projections

Ninth self directed project; the concept is the same but the medias are different.

This project addresses the same ideas I’ve been working on lately but the focus is now switched on new medias. I’ve been working with new medias, in particularly with projections.

My interest in projections comes from the willingness to create an overwelming and immersive space. I want the spectator to find himself sourranded by the piece and I think that projecting my work would allow me to do it the way I want.

First Projections

This projects starts as an expansion of the previous one, in which I tried to describe a place trhough the visual representation of its sounds. This time I decided to recorder those sounds and then to create a soundtrack with them and present it with the visual piece.

I created two videos using the documentation from the eighth piece and then I projected them on two opposites walls of a dark room while the actual recorded sound were been played through speakers.

The result was good but not as effective as I expected because I felt people did not take enought time to look at it, maybe because there were no sits so they mostly walked through it.