Experimental project during lockdown

First digital project, experiment exploring the sounds of my confined space.

The origins of the piece

This video and sound work represents a reflection about the sounds that populated my home during this lockdown and the exasperation and exhausting feeling that they have produced on me.
Being confined in a space for weeks, without being able to escape its sounds and the ones of the people inhabiting that same space, has left me with a lot of frustration. Every day the intensity of the noises and the voices grew in my head and the chances for me to concentrate on something else and get anything done kept getting lower and lower.
This piece comes from the necessity to respond to this situation and to turn this frustration into something productive. I started recording the sounds of the house, especially people’s voices and their actions to then put them together in a sound piece, which showed the increasing awareness of each noise over time.

Since my quotidianity in the house was becoming toxic for me, I started going to other, quieter places, where I could think, read and reflect without loosing concentration every 5 minutes. This is shown in the work through a comparation of the ideal space to the disruptive quality of the sounds. The work contrapose the dysfunctional effects produced by the sounds to an ideal, yet artificial and unrealistic quiet space. It is almost as if I had to build my own quiet piece of mind on the memory that I had of this space, which was no longer accessible because of the restrictions.

Attuning to vibrations is a way to connect and understand the universe. We all have the ability to learn the “language of vibrations”, we just need to tune our awareness to it, and it will reveal itself.

The final work

Unfortunately, because of the lack of consent from a person present in most of the recordings, this piece cannot be presented, or published.
Maybe if there will be the possibility in the future I could edit it in way that won’t need the approval of this person, but I am not too interested in this option anyway because the piece would loose its authenticity. I prefer to preserve the work’s integrity and just have it for myself as a reminder that I should never take anything for granted and always be grateful for the little accomplishments in my life, like finally having a quiet space to work in.