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Material Matters

First exhibition in the linear-spinal gallery and courtyard spaces.

The principal aims were to create artworks using and selecting relevant materials in alignment with concepts, theories and intentions, in order to understand the relation between content and form and to synthesise theory within our practice.

For my project I chose sound as material to work with. I reflected a lot on what kind of sound I was going to use and how to visually represent it, through which material, image since this kind of research has a big role in my work. I also thought about where was my sound coming from and why I should use one instead of another.

The process

When I think about why a certain sound interest me, the answer that always comes to my mind is that sounds connect and speak to me, to my personal history, to my inner self and my soul.

For this project I analysed my inner self, trying to understand how was I feeling in response to the events happening in my life. I researched through the days which sounds were having an impact on me and my state of being, which rumours and melodies were communicating with my emotions.

At the end I realised there was a place where I was spending a lot of time in, which sounds had recently radically chanced: my room. Since the departure of a person the room had became quiet; the sounds that are left there had suddenly became particularly heavy for me. All I could hear was emptiness, which feels like a silent bubble in which penetrate sounds from the full and rich outside world.

Before i could define my project, I started researching into the theme of emptiness, what is it and how different artists had addressed this concept within their practice. Looking into exhibitions and solo shows, I found out that this theme is mainly addressed by Japanese artists , since deeply connected with Buddhism, which emphasises emptiness, referred to as ku (meaning sky, void) in Japanese. One characteristic common of a lot of works was their timeless and minimalist quality, but also mysterious and delicate and the recurrent presence of the colour white. Among all the works I have encountered, the ones that impressed me the most were by Jayoung Yoon, Yoshio Ikezaki and Yasuki Onishi.

Once I figured out the sounds I was working with I tried to draw them and then to give them a solid representation. It is at this point that I decided to use this old mirror I had in my room since I moved in. The characteristic of it I wanted to use was its ability to reflect everything around me except for myself. Since I was working with the idea that

something is defined empty in relation/ contraposition to something else which is considered full

I decide that mirror was incorporating that heavy non-silence.

The instalation

The final installation came out differently from the original plan, since I had to adapt the piece to the space we were exhibiting in. I had to make the piece fat so I build a shelf so people wouldn’t have to seat and I made it in such a way that I could hide the MP3 inside.

The outcome was still pretty good and I was kind of satified with it.

The feedbacks were pretty good as well, people got part of the piece, which I really apreciated. They even saw new visual connections between the visual and the sound piece.