Creative worksop

“Sticky Leg Chase Vast Yellow” is a video project created for a creative workshop organised by my teacher Greig. The workshop I took part in this evening workshop aimed to experiment with video and performative… Read More »Creative worksop

Content III

Last quick project about images, focusing on the concepts of rupture, deconstruction and reconstruction. Corrupting images The project consisted in corrupting 6 different images. We were asked to bring in 3 old paintings or prints… Read More »Content III

Content II

Second week, second quick project. Topic: territoriality For this project we worked with the theme of territoriality, intended as ownership, possession and occupancy of areas. A territory can be also defined as a social and… Read More »Content II

Content I

First quick project about space and risks. For the fist weeks we are going to make one-week projects on assigned themes.  This week we worked with space and we were pushed to take risks in… Read More »Content I