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Message: Greeting

Installation for end of the year show: Endgame

This was the last installation of the year that was supposed to be exhibited in our final year show in Farnham. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, the show has been cancelled and replaced with an online exhibition which will open later this month. Each f us had to adapt to the situation and make work from home, but I did not want this to affect the quality of my work so I still managed to create an installation in my attic.


The major themes addressed are the same of the past works since I wanted this work to kind of resolve the journey I have been taking down to the concept of miscommunication, focusing this time on how it is created and where it comes from. I have been recently came across the “Mathematical Theory of Communication” whose three principal problems lie at the basis of the work, particularly the piece revolves around the texts “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” by Claude E. Shannon and “Recent contribution to the Mathematical Theory of Communication” by Warren Weaver. Since I have been dealing with this broad theme in most of my pieces, I wanted to conclude the year with an installation that could summarize and address the problems of communication at their origin. Due to lockdown I also wanted to keep the work relevant and be a sort of witness to the shifting in our ways of communicating, which increase the chances of misunderstanding. For this reason, I chose to collect the data material for my sound piece directly form people form all over the world through surveys instead of using pre-existing information. (Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey and supported my project)


Since I am looking at the revaluation of sound as a system of communication, I decided to create an installation whose focal point would have been the transmission of the collected information through a sequence of sounds. In order for the viewer to get more focused on the sound I wanted the surrounding space to be really dark, where the domes from where the sound comes from would be the only sources on light. The function of the lights is to lead the viewer into a path of discovery.
The installation, in fact, is going to be composed of three steps, each one representing one problem: the technical problem, the semantic one and the effectiveness problem. Since I also wanted the experience to be individual, for practical reasons too, each one of the “stations” is only going to be accessible by one person at the time who will be able to clearly hear the sounds, while from the outside these remain confused and mixed.

The development

As already stated, I had to re-invent this piece multiple times because of the continuous state of uncertainty in which it was created. It took me more than a month to get the materials and bring back to Italy everything that was needed but at the end I consider myself very lucky to have had access to this attic, where I have been living for the past month.


At the end it came out pretty much what I planned it to be. It would have never been possible if it wasn’t for the help of a few people, who helped with the practicalities, and for that i am very grateful.

Unfortunately only a few people had the chance to personally experience the piece but I will make an online version of it that will be published in the online exhibition “Endgame” which is going to be accessible to anyone.