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No strings attached

Back to the studios, warm up for the new year.

“No Strings Attached” is a quick project where we were asked to respond and familiarize with our new studio spaces.
The main idea was to try to work with nothing but our body and the space, in order to define our presence within this new environment.

My response

First of all I started thinking about the space and what made my presence unique, what made me “me”. I started questioning myself on the approach I wanted to take, where was my presence in the space, how I related to it and I could connect with it.

I wanted to listen to the space, to record it somehow, I wanted to stretch my limits, to intensify my presence, to embrace the absurd.
Within the confusion that was inhabiting the studios, I felt a bit exposed, and started wondering where was my place in that chaos, what would have made me fell in my space. So I disconnected from the outside and focused on my thoughts, I created an inner space of comfort and started recoding the stream of consciousness that was coming out of me, as a way to describe the space from my point of view.
I then started focusing on my movements, on what was that could really define me in such an anonymous place, and that is when the feet came in. My feet paly an important role in my perception and experience of the world, so I figured that I could describe my relationship with the new space through them, feeling it, measuring it, making it personal.

The remake

After the presentation of the work, we were asked to revisit it and make a new version of it for the following week. So I recorded some new material on my phone and re-edit the whole thing once at home.
What came out was a video and sound piece, in which these two elements seemed to collide, when indeed they directly relate one to the other. The displacement of the sound also refers to the displacement felt at the beginning of the work.
I also decided to make the new version more concise and confused, as to convey the same sense of displacement but in a shorter amount of time.

Since this was purely an exercise to “get to know” the space and our presence in it, I adopted a playful approach, which may resulted i something light but equally interesting.