Sensorial response for Online Open Call

“Orange Ouch” is a sensorial response piece the the colour orange, pink noise and the word “Ouch”. It is a collaboration piece, originally created for an online show which then allowed the artist to play with the digital space and create her own set up.
It is a work supposed to be experienced through headphones, simple but hypnotic at the same time.
It is playful and immediate; it doesn’t have any particular purpose except for the curiosity of its own experience.

The digital set up

As my first application to an online exhibition, i decided not only to create the video piece in response to the open call, but to explore with its digital set up in a virtual space. Since the time in isolation has allowed me to widen my knowledge of the digital space, I wanted to create my own set up , even if extremely simple and minimalistic. The idea was to create a comfortable place, a sort of home environment where to experience the piece; a recreation of the intimacy of each person’s home, from which people were actually going to experience the online exhibition.

The work

“Orange Ouch” is a playful work, with no particular depth of though. The focus of the piece, in fact is not on the conceptual side of it but on providing a sensorial experience for the spectator, in which sound plays a major role.