A video diary

After the outbreak of Covid-19 , I have been undertaking a lot of travels between the UK, where I study, and Italy, where my family lives. Due to the different safety measurements in each country, I have been spending a lot of time in quarantine. This time has given me the opportunity to rediscover a lost intimacy with myself and the domestic space I found myself confined into.

“Quarantine diary” is a short film, composed of one minute for each day of quarantine, a selected moment of the day to be grateful for. The short doesn’t just document the passing of time in self-isolation, but it witnesses the growth of a friendship between a person and the inhabitant of her “room”: a little plant. The exploration and cultivation of this new connection brings the two individuals closer every day, towards the rediscovery of a forgotten intimacy, built on a shared experience of time and space.

In a situation where the physical contact with the other becomes a threat, I wanted to propose a revaluation of vegetal beings as “others”, presenting them as companions in our journey through life, instead of them being considered just passive decorations of the domestic space.


Spending time with my plant not only made me realise the value of creating real connections with vegetal beings even if small, but it also helped me reflect on different aspects of my experience of life. At the beginning it felt a bit weird to share my activities with a being that could not relate to them, but then I started taking time off of those activities to dedicate it to the pure exploration of this relationship and my experience of it became increasingly interesting over the days. I started valuing time in a different way, as for the role of sunlight and the weather and I started joining the activities of the plant instead of her joining mines.
Slowing down time helped me to focus more on the simplest things of life and helped me appreciate my space more, to not perceive it as a constrain but as a gift, as somewhere where my exploration of the self and the other could evolve in tranquillity and peace.