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Reflection on my work

Where is my work going, reflection on present and future work

I have been recently thinking a lot about where is my work going, especially regarding next year. Among the things that I want to improve during this summer there are a few technicalities and processes that I want to explore in order to make my installations more interactive.

Here are a few points I want to drag attention to:

  • Thinking about sound, I want to be able to put the audience in the place of being able to create it through its interaction with the work. I want the public to be the element that allows the piece to work, its trigger.
  • For what concerns the visual aspect, the video making, I want to become more professional and explore new ways to present a video. Experiment with how light and projections interact with different material and surfaces such as glass or plexiglass.
  • Research more materials, which need to be sustainable and add meaning to my pieces. Need to find more solutions in order to create immersive but essentials environments.
  • I want my work on communication to connect more with nature and our interaction with the environment. I need to do further researches into new systems of communication and lost languages that do not belong to the human realm. I would like my work to act like a sort of mediator in our interaction with the environment.
  • Think about the reintroduction of performance as a mean through which explore our communication with other living systems and a way to challenge language. Think about body language and movement as a mean of communication
  • Possibility to start making work outside now that i am back in Italy (when it will be possible) but at the same time I need to keep a relevance of it to the current situation.

Inspirational work and texts that are helping me thinking forward at the moment include essays by David Dunn and the amazing installations by Olafur Eliasson.

Particularly I would advise to read the interview to David Dunn “Music, Language and Environment” by René van Peer and then listen to his work too.