Quick response piece that works as a statement of intent, summarizing my practice in a gesture

After discussing some work in progress with my peers, we were asked to individually reflect on the words used to describe our works an then re-elaborate them into a piece of work that could act as a statement of our practice.

Everyone spent 45 minutes working with the words, translating and adapting them to our personal artistic languages.
My immediate response to the words was a gesture, an image, a moment; so, instead of writing a new statement with new words I decided to make a short video piece.
I wanted my video to transmit a sense of communion, a mutual sharing of an experience of complicity.
Particularly I reflected on the following points, which came out during the previous discussion:
– Nurturing as a mutual nurturing
– Mother to mother nature as an equal exchange, underlining the equality of the two parties
– Communicating with nature instead of the human as a way to uncover new channels of interaction and exchange with the natural realm
– Moving image as a format through which convey these messages
– Seclusion, sense of comfort and peace as a state of being in Nature, finding comfort and peace in it
– The passing of time in nature, a reflection on the time spent in direct contact with it and the different quality and perception of time as if slowed down
– The worshipping of the plant element in my work, an expression of gratitude towards the plant to which i am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with in the creation of art
– The spiritual connection that allow us, humans, to experience a deeper connection with other beings
– The reflection on the importance of all life equally and unconditionally, always try to include this celebration of life and being alive in the work
– Friendship as something that we can develop with a vegetal being as much as with an animal being
– The work as a quiet place for contemplation and self reflection about one’s presence in the world and the interconnectedness of all life
– The constant investigation and exploration of nature in its different forms and the search for a relationship based on mutual respect and apreciation.