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Stream of Inspirations

A video collage of video collages

The piece reflects on where does my work come from and what inspires it.

Through the past three years i have been filming and collecting all sorts of things, moments, experiences that I consider intriguing, exciting and inspiring. With this work I wanted to summarize in a short video all of the best videos that have affected my practice through this time.

I did not want to overthink the outcome, I sort of wanted the videos to come together by themselves, to visually connect one to the other and work together as moving collages. So I edited them together all at once, following a sort of stream of consciousness logic that I may do not fully understand.

I do not consider them as finished pieces, but more as a visual research and document of my present interests.

Maybe one day I ill re edit them, change the sound, compositions and a resolved piece will come out of them, but for now they will just remain hints of consciousness.