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A short film realized for the Comfort Zine

Nine is a short film composed of a succession of soundscapes that all together aim to depict what I consider my comfort zone – intended as a situation where one feels at ease.
The work is as much about the place, the roof of my house in Italy, as my presence within it.
The sound and corresponding visuals define a continuous relationship which develops across time and space through a series of nine main happenings.
The stillness of the frames is corrupted by the imperfections of the shooting, operated by hand, while their bidimensional quality aims to put the focus on the everchanging sounds, which allow the viewer to get immersed in the situation and eventually access their own state of ease.
Regardless the apparent veracity of the representation, the constructed quality of the succession reminds us that there is no such place definable as comfort zone, since this is indeed just a constructed state of mind.

What is the Comfort Zine

Comfort Zine is a collective of two young artists, Eleanor McLean and Maggie Coffee, looking to work collaboratively with other emerging artists offering a free platform to share their work.

This collection particularly looks to explore how we each define our comfort zone considering a variety of spaces, objects and languages. How we might seek comfort within particular surroundings and relationships, amongst many current personal and social situations and issues.

My submission

While reflecting on the guidelines provided by the curators, I found myself facing a whole new situation since I was in complete isolation due to Covid19, and this new quotidianity made me realize how ephemeral our state of comfort can be. I had to adapt myself and my life to the new surroundings and I had to rebuild my comfort zone according to the different reality I was living in.
The situation I found myself in actually helped me redefine some aspects of my life and made me realize how we all fabricate our own comfort zone and how I fabricated mine in response to my isolation.