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The language of vibrations

First immersive installation of the year

First attempt to visualize the exchange of vibrations happening between humans and plants.

We know, scientifically, that everything in existence is made of energy: vibrating, pulsing energy. All atoms are 99% fluctuations of energy and space. It’s always energy in motion within the emptiness of space. ( Connie Habash)

Attuning to vibrations is a way to connect and understand the universe. We all have the ability to learn the “language of vibrations”, we just need to tune our awareness to it, and it will reveal itself.

The beginning of an idea

Taking this as a starting point, I started questioning the role of vibrations in our life and their relation with sound. As a matter of fact, sound travels in waves of vibrations, so when we perceive it, we can feel the vibrations in our body.
Furthermore, when i discovered that our consciousness operates at a vibrational level that is within the range of plant’s consciousness, it occurred to me what a powerful tool of communication vibrations might be.
I then started wandering if this line of communication among us and plants was always present or if we had to activate it in some way, and I wanted to unlock it through my work. I also though that maybe this line of communication could be a window on the world for living organisms as plants, a way of perceiving reality.
With the aim of making this a mutual experience for both plants and us, I started thinking a way of making us aware of this exchange of vibrations so that to fully experience it.

The installation

Due to the limited access to spaces and resources I had to be creative and make the work at home. This put a sort of limit on the idea of mutual experience, so I adapted the piece in a way that was focusing more on our rise of awareness toward this communication exchange.
In a heavy visual culture in which we live in, I though the most powerful impact to provoke sudden awareness would have been to visualize these vibrations. So I created this sort of lamp made of leaves, whose vibrational movement would have been projected in the entire room.

After a few days of collecting leaves, I researched which process would have allowed me to keep them fresh for the whole duration of the installation. I found diverse solutions and in the end I did a mixture of pressing and glycerine baths. After four days of processing I put them together with really thin strings, which would have then become the structure of this metaphorical tree.

Each string of the structure was then attached at the border of the speaker, so that , the emission of sounds would have cause them to vibrate, transferring the movement to the leaves.
The sound played was a mixture of sound recordings made of what is supposed to be the “inside ” of a tree as to indicate that there were two sources of vibrations in the room: the plant’s one and the ones produced my the human presence.
Due to the lack of professional equipment, the recordings did not turn out great, plus the speaker wouldn’t reach some of the bass tones in them so the final effect was not ideal, but still, something was happening.

Private view

Since I needed the presence of people to activate the exchange, thus the work, I organized a small private view , according to Covid regulations, in my living room. Having some feedback really helped me gat what were the problematics of the piece, which i already knew in part, but since this was a sort of experimental piece, I was just happy to have done something.

I believe this is going to be just the first attempt in visualising the exchange of vibrations, energy, feelings among plants and us. I believe that the spread of consciousness is the first step towards a more deeper comprehension and appreciation of the botanical world.