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Researches about new discovered sound artists.

I’ve been doing some researches around sound as a media and it’s potential in the art world and I found out a lot of different approaches and uses of it.

I really liked the work of Janet Cardiff and her partner George Bures Miller. She creates immersive installations but the pieces I liked the most are her “audio walks” which are well explained in her website

Her Long Black Hair | Audio Walk
Her Long Black Hair | Audio Walk
Experiment in F minor | installation
Murder of Crows | Installaation

I also looked up Haroon Mirza, who makes amazing sculptural installations that generate audio compositions, both inside and outside. He often works with high technology and solar panels and can incorporate video and lights in his pieces.

Claude Wampler too creates great sound pieces which are in between installations and performances (of the viewers). She uses all sorts of media in order to create experiences of immediacy/ excess for the spectators.

And finally the artist that impressed me the most was Lawrence Abu Hamdam, who is currently running for Turner Prize 2019. He can be considered an “audio investigator” since his pieces often revolve around a denouncing act against crimes, politic oppression, deny of human rights, equality, freedom of speech… His work explores sound in its testimony quality and is often quite political.

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What fascinated me the most about his work is the amount of researches and background information that support each one of his pieces and the accuracy with which he builds his installations.

For more informations about his works visit his website http://lawrenceabuhamdan.com