Plan for a digital installation

This project attempts to create a virtual installation for the public to explore in autonomy. It is a visualization of a physical Installation that I had in mind but never made because of the lack of space and access to facilities.

The original idea

The original idea was to create a space of heightened awareness, where the presence and noise produced by the spectator would have been amplified and eventually visualised. The installation aim was to make people aware of the impact that their presence can have on their surroundings through sound.
Originally I wanted to create a wooden floor, connected with contact microphones and speakers, on which people could have walked freely. Each step noise would have then being amplified and reproduced through speakers with reverb, so that to emphasise that expansion of the sound from its origin point.
Since I started working on the visualisation of the installation digitally, I also focused on the visual aspect of it. From the moment that people were not going to physically walk but just move a cursor on a screen, I wanted to make this movement more obvious through the introduction of lights. Ideally every step would have corresponded to three light in sequence of the same colour, that would have then disappeared together with the sound.

After a few experimentations I got to the point where i was no longer interested in making this online version of the work, so I left it there, as a sketch for a future work. I hope one day i will manage to fully adapt it and create an interactive installation, but for now this only remains an idea that still needs a lot of work.
Maybe I will come back to it and at least make a complete digital presentation of the piece, but for now i realised I want to work on a more sensorial approach.