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Where is my work going

Reflection on progress so far and thoughts on what comes next.

I have been thinking about where I want to go with my work and what is it really about and this exercise helped me clear up my mind a little bit.

We have been given a lot of words and I picked these ones in order to describe my practice. They are not all directly relatable with my work but they all refer to it in some ways. One clear thing is that I don’t want my work to be centered on one media but I would like to create spaces and experiences through mixed media installations.

I am not sure which direction is my wok going to take, but I know that I need to explore and experiment more. At the moment I am really interested in sound and its evocative quality as well as its relation with its visual representation; plus, lately I’ve also been working with the moving image and I found myself fascinated by all the possibilities of expression that this media allows.

What to do next

Since I grew up as a painter, I’ve always been into drawing and experimenting within the bi-dimensional image and now that I am discovering these new ways of expressing my ideas I need to understand how these medias function.

I am going to do more researches and see how different artists work with sound and video installations and I want to be able to work with them by myself. This would mean to get inducted to the use of new facilities and editing softwares so that I will be conscious of all the possibilities that these media offer when I work with them.