Moving Image
Duration: 02:44
Date: 06/2022
Commissioned by Virgilio Villoresi, shot at Fantasmagoria.
Screened at Cineporto, Bari, as Part of “Esprit”.

“Burned” is an experimental film that challenges the expressive quality of caustics – the envelopes of light rays reflected or refracted by a curved surface or object, or their projection onto another surface.

Etymologically, the word “caustic” comes from greek, from kaustos, verbal adjective from kaiein, the Greek word for “to burn”.
Taking this as a starting point within the pure experimental nature of the work, the video approaches the theme of burning as a journey through light and fire, intended as a purifying element that allows rapid transformation, cleansing and rebirth. Beginning with an ethereal landscape, the short film drags the viewer into an increasingly tense and frenetic dimension of transformation, to then regain its calm atmosphere in a more defined light, something that strives towards a new shape of being.

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