Quick response piece that works as a statement of intent, summarizing my practice in a gesture After discussing some work in progress with my peers, we were asked to individually reflect on the words used… Read More »STATEMENT


Experimental interactive work presented at “Elbow Room” Online Exhibition “Flora is Present” reflects on the impact that the digital space has had on people’s relationship with the botanical world and proposes a new window of… Read More »FLORA IS PRESENT


Two screen video and sound piece “Acided” is a video piece dedicated to the appreciation of nature in all its magnificence. In a time of forced isolation, not only from people, but from nature as… Read More »ACIDED


Learning and exploring with Blender As an attempt to provide people with an immersive experience of my work, even if not physical, I started experimenting the possibilities offered by the digital space, where everything becomes… Read More »BLENDER INSTALL


Experimental project during lockdown First digital project, experiment exploring the sounds of my confined space. The origins of the piece This video and sound work represents a reflection about the sounds that populated my home… Read More »LOUD HOUSE


Sensorial response for Online Open Call “Orange Ouch” is a sensorial response piece the the colour orange, pink noise and the word “Ouch”. It is a collaboration piece, originally created for an online show which… Read More »ORANGE OUCH


Artists that keep influencing my work As it is the beginning of a new semester, and a new academic year, I want to re-state some of the main artists that have informed my work so… Read More »re-thinking


Interactive light installation Interconnectedness: [ˌɪntəkəˈnɛktɪdnəs]NOUN interconnectedness (noun) · inter-connectedness (noun) the state of being connected with each other. As a follow up to my previous work about reconnecting with trees and our surroundings, this project addresses issues of… Read More »Interconnectedness


A short film realized for the Comfort Zine Nine is a short film composed of a succession of soundscapes that all together aim to depict what I consider my comfort zone – intended as a… Read More »Nine

Bound to Earth

Contemporary Exhibition Practice | Group performance Group Members: Ale, Kelly, Chelsea, Ty, Georgina Artist contacted: Jared.Shibari Original date and location: March 28th , Gostrey Park, Farnham, Surrey, UK Actual date and location: Various, depending on… Read More »Bound to Earth

Pecha Kucha

20 images to present the major influences in my practice Pecha Kucha 20×20 is an essential presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds.Our request was to locate artists, processes, event, exhibitions,… Read More »Pecha Kucha

Stretched 2019

Exhibition and silent auction | Fundraiser for London Show We were each given a small canvas whit which to create an artwork that would have then joined the canvases donated from professional artists for our… Read More »Stretched 2019

Material Matters

First exhibition in the linear-spinal gallery and courtyard spaces. The principal aims were to create artworks using and selecting relevant materials in alignment with concepts, theories and intentions, in order to understand the relation between… Read More »Material Matters

Art in Margate

Course trip to Margate to visit the Turner Contemporary, Carl Freedman Gallery and Limbo Project Space. First we saw the four works shortlisted for the Turner Prize 2019 and the students Platform 2019 at Turner… Read More »Art in Margate