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Material Matters

Sound piece
Location: Linear Gallery, Farnham, UK
Date: 10/2019

“Material Matters” investigates sound as a material and its relationship with the sculptural element. 
When I think about why a certain sound interest me, the answer that always comes to my mind is that sounds speak to me, to my personal history and my inner self . In this specific time, the sounds that I felt more relevant to me were the ones inhabiting my room. All I could hear was emptiness, which feels like a silent bubble in which resonances of distant noises penetrate the walls from the chaotic outside world.

The choice of the display of mirror within the sound piece resides in the willingness to create a visual experience of emptiness connected with the original location of the sounds -my room. The specific placement of the mirror exploits its quality to reflect everything around the person in front of it, except for the person itself, as to remind of the void felt in the sounds. Since I was working with the idea that something is defined empty in relation/ contraposition to something else which is considered full, I thought that this object was embodying this concept by incorporating that heavy non-silence within its presence.