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Material Matters

Sound piece
Location: Linear Gallery, Farnham, UK
Date: 10/2019

This project reflects on what kind of sound interests me, how do I employ it, what is its function… In other words it investigates sound as a material. 
When I think about why a certain sound interest me, the answer that always comes to my mind is that sounds speak to me, to my personal history and my inner self . I researched through the days which sounds were having an impact on me: the sounds of my room had suddenly became particularly heavy for me after the departure of a person. All I could hear was emptiness, which feels like a silent bubble in which resonances of sounds penetrate from the full and rich outside world.
Once i started researching into this new theme, I found our that emptiness isn’t necessarily something bad, it is an experience that in some culture is even emphasized, as it is in Buddhism, where it is referred to as ku (meaning sky, void) in Japanese.

The main reason why I chose this mirror, besides the fact that I wanted to recreate an experience of emptiness connected with its original location -my room-  is its ability to reflect everything around the person who is watching except for the main subject itself. Since I was working with the idea that something is defined empty in relation/ contraposition to something else which is considered full, I thought that this object was visually complementing this concept by incorporating that heavy non-silence within its presence.