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Perpetual Flow

Virtual installation
Date: 11/2021

“Il mare immenso, l’oceano mare, che infinito corre oltre ogni sguardo, l’immane mare onnipotente – c’è un luogo dove finisce, e un istante – l’immenso mare, un luogo piccolissimo e un istante da nulla.”
A. Baricco – Oceano Mare

 Where does the ocean ends?

Inspired by the writing of Baricco in Oceano Mare, “Perpetual Flow” reflects on the limits, especially the visual limits that separete one thing from the other, that divide the ocean from the land. Where is this line? Is there even a line?
The limits that we have imposed on things in order to classify and understand them better are an artificial construct made by humans to facilitate our comprehension of the reality we live in. But at the end we are all made of the same matter, there is no line, no border from an entity to another, from a corpe and its surroundings.
This work aims at providing the spectator with a reality where earth becomes skin, man is water and the ocean turns into the land. There is almost no distinction among the elements, no end and no begining. Everything is everything else; it is all a continous flow. 

The virtual nature of the piece is also an attempt to produce work in a time where the physical space has almost become unaccessible, to create an ideal location for the display of this piece even if it doesn’t exist yet; it’s creating an experience for the future to become real.

The piece is composed of 12 large vertical screens in a circle playing simultaneously 12 different videos. Each one of the videos with their own sound cooperates at the creation of a mixture of noises that are perceived as a whole by the audience.


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