Moving image
Duration: 04:04
Date: 11/2020
Originally created for “Telephone” exhibition.
Screened at Cinema Beltrade, Milan, as part of the exhibition “Intim-us” and at “Venice International Art Fair” 2021.

To attune: to make receptive or aware; accustom or acclimatize; make harmonious.
The short film investigates the performative presence of the tree, first perceived as the “other” and then slowly melting within the quotidian landscape of the room. It explores a new level of engagement between humans and the botanic elements in the domestic environment: a mutual discovery and listening. It uncovers a willingness of connection and dialogue, that seeks a deeper relationship with the natural world.
Being plants usually perceived as decorative tools that can be manipulated and displayed according to our taste, the work tries to expose a different line of communication that exist beyond language; a dimension of interconnectedness experienced with all the senses that promotes a vision of plants as sentient beings.
Alongside the visual dialogue among all the elements, ought to reveal a limitless and united vision of our reality, there is a corresponding conversation happening on a sonic level, where the sounds of the tree meet the artificial ones of the human world, merging into a sequence of different yet connected soundscapes.
At the end everything becomes a whole, an harmonious flow of parts, each one aware of the others, each one attuned to the rest.