Connection Mancata

Moving image, two audio channels
Duration: 01.54
Date: 02/2022

“Connection Mancata” is a short film produced in response to the theme of connection, particularly relevant in this historical period. The work exposes the difficulty, especially in this present time, to connect with ourselves, others and the environment we live in and it highlights the impossibility to establish a channel for connection between these different entities, here metaphorically represented by hands. On a visual level, spectators are confronted with a dance between hands, a willingness to reach a point of contact that results indeed in an ephemeral delusion, while on a sonic level the audience finds itself surrounded by a mixture of disconnected sounds, each one representing a different space, a different energy. Through these elements the film interrogates the idea of connection and disconnection and it invites people to do the same, reflecting on their behaviour and questioning their relationship with others and the self.
Where can we find the space to connect? How do we establish a healthy relationship with something distant from our quotidianity? Is it even possible for us to coexist in peace?

Note – The piece is composed of three distinct elements: the moving image and two audio channels. The role of the spectator is  to create a connection among these elements through his/her presence. As a matter of fact, the work will stop existing when the viewers leave the room, as there will be no channel, no space for connection outside the person.
In other words, the mind of the viewer will be the space for connection where the work can exist.