Less is More

Moving image
Date: 03/2020

This video is a work in progress towards an installation that was presented at the OXO Tower in London for the show “Inertia for Superior Souls”.
It acts as a summary of the precedent work that the artist has been doing since the beginning of the year. The piece is composed of re-edited video and sound materials, that come together in a work which tries to  visualise all the definitions of communication. The aim of the piece was to visually represent each one of this definitions so that each segment of the video would convey the same message but at the same time fail in this because the spectator would not have the key of understanding of the work.
Each segments is 8 seconds long, which is the average time spent in front of an artwork, so that, if people would only dedicate to it 8 seconds, they would still potentially be able to understand its point, or not.