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Less is More ( blackberries )

Video and sound installation
Location: OXO Tower, London, UK
Date: 02/2020
Site specific installation, conceived for the group show “Inertia for Superior Souls”.

“Less is More (blackberries)” investigates the creation of struggles in communicating; it addresses this theme through an immersive installation that aims at the creation of an experience, a journey, inside miscommunication.
A few references that inform the work include the “language game theory” by Wittgenstein, especially drawing attention to the system of rules, common in games, art and language, that has to be followed in order to them to make sense and the system of reaction explained in the “Attachment theory” by Bowlby.

The installation’s aim is to create a path towards the realization that it is not necessary to understand the artwork in order to be able to establish a line of communication with it. Disorientation and full immersion in the work are just some of the aspects the piece in trying to convey; every single part of the work acts as an example and description of miscommunication, including the one created between public and artwork.