Moving image
Created for “The Comfort Zine”

“Nine” is a short film composed of a succession of soundscapes that all together depict what the artist consider her comfort zone – intended as a situation where one feels at ease. The work is as much about the place, the roof of her house in Italy, as of her presence within it.
The sound and corresponding visuals define a continuous relationship which develops across time and space through a series of nine main happenings.
The stillness of the frames is corrupted by the imperfections of the shooting, operated by hand, while their bi-dimensional quality aims to put the focus on the everchanging sounds, which allow the viewer to get immersed in the situation and eventually access their own state of ease.
Regardless the apparent veracity of the representation, the constructed quality of the succession reminds us that there is no such place definable as comfort zone, since this is indeed just a constructed state of mind.