Moving image
Duration: 19:55
Showcased in “The Seed” by Space for Nature.

Driven by the curiosity towards the theme of communication, especially among human and non-human creatures, the work  explores the connection that lies at the basis of humans relationship with the natural world in a sort of performance that develops through a few months. 

The video acts as a visual documentation of the different relationships that the artist has established with the vegetal beings. Since the aim of the performance was to experience a reconnection with the natural realm and to rediscover a line of communication that would expand beyond language, the depiction of this experience avoids language, in terms of linguistics, favouring a visual storytelling. 
The video also addresses issues regarding human’s perception of vegetal beings, which is often shaped by limits set by the sight, by trying to merge the borders between the human figure and her surroundings resulting in a visual contamination of the two.

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