Moving image
Duration: 19:55
Featured in: “Space for Nature”.

Driven by my interest in communication, especially among human and non-human systems, last summer I started to personally explore the connection that lies at the basis of our relationship with the natural world in a sort of performance that developed through a few months. By putting myself in a condition of pure listening, I wanted to experience a level of exchange and communication that goes beyond language, which often operates as a limit, an obstacle set by our minds.

The video acts as a documentary piece aimed at the description of the different relationships that the artist has established with each one of the trees. Since the aim of the performance was to experience a reconnection with the natural realm and rediscover a line of communication that goes beyond language, the depiction of this experience avoids language in its oral and written form, in favour of a visual approach. 
The video also addresses issues regarding human’s perception of trees, which is often shaped by the limits set by our sight, and it does this by trying to visually merge the borders between the artist and her surroundings in the creation of a visual connection, which metaphorically stands for a deeper one.

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