Sound piece with photo documentation.
Project by Associazione falía*, curated by Alice Vangelisti 
Text by Alice Vangelisti

“Perimetro is a sound composition that tells the story of Lozio, taking us by the hand to discover it. This is the essence of Alessandra Breviario’s sound work, which explores the place in depth, guiding us along some paths and taking us with her on her wanderings. However, the moment of this precious discovery is not conducted through sight – the sense on which we usually rely during a walk – but through hearing, which often takes a back seat, but which instead has the power to reveal new ways of understanding a territory. Thus, listening carefully to Breviario’s recordings, we can imagine ourselves in her company, while she walks along the paths of Lozio that connect the different hamlets.
Here it is the rustle of leaves caressed by the wind.
Here it is the sound of footsteps following one another along the way, also marking the passage of time.
Here it is the tortuous flow of water between the wrinkles of the ground.
All these – and many others – sounds and noises blend perfectly in a soundtrack which is thus able to give back the overall atmosphere of the place, its profound essence and its typical features.”

“Breviario also decides to present a series of photographic shots, in order to accompany us even more deeply within her imaginary as well as real path. These pics do not tell in detail what we are listening to, but rather enclose the variety of Lozio’s paths given by the succession of changes of terrain as Breviario advances in her wander – and consequently in the plot of the story she is telling us.”