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Researching Materials

Retake Remake: First Context

For this first context I decided to work with the frustration produced within communication. I wanted to keep my practice more playful and research based, in order to experiment with new processes and media.

Since I have never directly addressed the concept of communication before, I thought it would be useful to do some further researches into the topic.
I thought a lot about the struggles in getting messages across and more specifically the role that language and non verbal signs have in interpersonal conversations.

I went around with my camera for two days asking people what did they think communication is and how would they describe it.
I did not know exactly what to do with the materials I had collected but I started experimenting and playing with it and the outcome was a video which turned out to be quite funny but exhausting at the same time.

First Crit

I projected the video for the crit pretty big so that the piece would have imposed its presence into the room and people had to confront it.

Since this is a work in progress and I am still trying to figure out where to go with it, I thought it was pretty useful to put it up and listen to the opinions of other people without previously saying anything.
The feedback, positive and negative, were critical ad honest and reflected a lot my intentions. I received different opinions on what to push in my work and where to bring it, including experimenting more with the editing of the video, its length, speed and sounds.

I do not know if I will be working on this specific piece more in the future but I will try to explore more into video and sound editing in my next contents.