Two screen video piece
Duration: 03:23
Date: 01/2021

“Acided” is a video piece dedicated to the appreciation of nature in all its magnificence. In a time of forced isolation, not only from people, but from nature as well, this work reminds us to stay positive and concentrate on what is good in this world, even if not accessible at the moment. The piece wants to help people remember not to focus on the small problems of the quotidian life, but instead be grateful for the amazing opportunity of being alive; after all, celebrating nature is like celebrating life itself. 

While on the left screen we are presented with videos of natural landscapes, on the other side we are confronted with written text. The detachment of the written words from their visual correspondent forces the spectator to choose which side to focus on, exposing the disruptive quality of language, which both on a sonic and visual level seems distracting and overcoming the regenerating sounds of nature. Both screens are describing the same thing, but the viewer has to choose if to experience the work through the senses or read about it.

Text by: Paz Encina, Norbert Ruebsaat, John Hull, Miguel Rio Branco, Michel Foucault, Albert Einstein.