No Strings Attached

Moving image
Duration: 03:05
Date: 10/2020

“No Strings Attached” is a quick response work, made to familiarize with the new studio space. It reflects on the presence of the artist in a blank empty space and what defines it.

“First of all I started questioning myself on the approach I wanted to take, where was my presence in the space, how I related to it and how could I connect with it. I wanted to listen to the space, to record it somehow, I wanted to stretch my limits, to intensify my presence, to embrace the absurd. Within the confusion that was inhabiting the studios, I felt a bit exposed, and started wondering where was my place in that chaos, what would have made me feel in my space. So I disconnected from the outside and focused on my thoughts, I created an inner space of comfort and started recoding the stream of consciousness that was coming out of me, as a way to describe the space from my point of view.
I then started focusing on my movements, on what was that could really define me in such an anonymous place.”